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..Signature Treatment..

Blueberry Cheese Cake

A Virtual countdown of ‘butter’. This tension message begins with an amazing softening nut scrub containing vanilla extract , followed by cheese cream to make your skin supple . It relax you and target your most trouble muscle . The final of this treatment would be a blueberry gel with olive extracts, which give your skin instant radiance.
Duration :- 90 Min..

Journey To Orion Spa

Discover a serene passage to connect with your inner self. A blend of ancient Eastern practices promotes harmony and balances the energy pathway within your body. The calming hot stone massage helps to activate the chakras through heat energy. A hot stone face lymphatic treatment, with a special focus on the third eye and a luxurious foot massage, pacifies your nervous system. The Serene Journey concludes with the application of energizing chakra balancing wrap to nourish the body .
Duration :- 120 Min..

Wisdom Of Ancient India

An Ayurvedic body massage that takes you to the root of Indian philosophy. The session starts with our warm Ayurvedic body massage. Experience Body scrub that calms and soothes the skin stimulating your senses. Your body is then cocooned in sugand lepam that purifies overall and leaves you feeling tranquilized.
Duration :- 120 Min..

Ayurvedic Intelligence

This therapy begins with Abhyanga body massage, which helps pacify the doshas, relieves fatigue, rejuvenates the body and helps in giving perfect sleep. It also enhances the complexion, promotes longevity and gives nourishment to the body overall. The Coconut scrub, made from pure natural coconut concentrate, is applied next. It contains the benefit of Virgin Coconut Oil, which is the healthiest and most versatile oil. This extremely rich exfoliating paste tones, nourishes and protects your skin. This therapy is then clubbed with Ayurvedic facial .
Duration :- 135 Min..

Balinese Ceremony

Balinese Massage is a form of traditional Indonesian massage. Originating from the island of Bali, this massage involves a combination of techniques that include massage, acupressure, reflexology and Aromatherapy all clubbed into one session. Often used for relaxation which can also help loosen muscles and alleviate pain
Duration :- 60 Min./90 Min.

Swedish Massage

Boost your energy levels and re-energized your body with classic Swedish massage that uses rejuvenating seasonal blend of oil to provide a firm and deep relaxing and healing experience. We recommend it for its effectiveness in relieving muscle soreness and stimulating over all blood circulation. Do let our therapist know that where they need to focus to facilitate healing.
Duration :- 60 Min./90 Min.

Relaxing Aroma Therapy

A relaxing massage using synergistic blend of essential oils along with the carrier oil technique consists of light lymphatic drainage and pressure point massage on the face to enhanced deep relaxation.
Duration :- 60 Min./90 Min.

Virgin Mojito Spa Treatment– (Cuban Highball)

Irresistibly fresh and punchy, this authentic mojito massage is a one-way salsa dance to the Caribbean! Sugar scrub with Fresh mint leaves is the perfect routine to exfoliate and repair dry skin. The freshly squeezed components of the energizing mint leaves and sugar with lime and a dab of essential oil releases tranquilizing aroma to relax you further.
Duration :- 90 Min..

“Thai” the Knot

An age old assault on sore, fatigued muscles when you need a little kneading, stretching, pulling and acupressuring. A blend of Acupressure, Yoga and Zen Shiatsu; inspired by Buddhist teachings. Over 70,000 Sen are said to exist within the body and Thai massage concentrates on applying pressure along ten of the most important Sen using the palms, thumbs, elbows and feet.
Duration :- 60 Min /90 Min..

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is a type of massage that focuses on realiging deeper layer of muscles and connective tissue . It is a especially helpful for chronically tense and contracted areas such as stiff necks , low back tightness and sore shoulder . Some of the same strokes are used as classic massage therapy but movement is slower and the pressure is deeper and concentrated on areas of tension pain.
Duration :- 60 Min./90 Min.

Moroccan Bath

Deep Cleansing body treatment perform on warm Marble bed under the infusion of eucalyptus scented Steam using Moroccan black soup followed by a deep Exfoliation with a traditional essential oils to be Infused in the air as the steam is absorbed through Your pores , helping to cleans and relax you and Release built-up stress and toxins . A traditional hammam followed by 30 Minutes of massage and rich moisturizing body wrap that is applied al over the to stimulate the circulatory system and assist with the removal impurities.
Duration :- 90 Min.

Andaman Seashell Body Polish

This therapy ensures a full body treatment where the skin is pampered with an almond seashell skin polish. It is combined with a short body massage enriched with volcanic mineral oil and followed by detox bath rituals. This revitalizing treatment stimulates the senses with the skin feeling smoothened and the mind rejuvenated.
Duration :- 45 Min.

Guatemalan Coffee Scrub

Made from locally grown Guatemalan coffee beans. This signature Renaissance recipe provides a stimulating and invigorating exfoliation for the entire body. Guatemalan coffee beans contain caffeine that provides a microcirculation and refreshing cleansing for the body leaving it smooth as silk.
Duration :- 45 Min.

Citrus Salt Scrub

his Renaissance signature treatment commences with a body exfoliation with Dead Sea salt, freshly squeezed juice of citrus fruit and Fruit oil. The skin is left invigorated and energized. Choose your citrus fruit from the range of Lemon, Orange, and sweat lime or kiwi fruit.
Duration :- 45 Min.

Papaya Body Polish

Cleopatra used to bath in sour milk to keep her skin smooth, tropical Asian women apply mashed papaya around their eyes to keep their wrinkles at bay, papaya works like Alfa Hydroxyl Acid without any tendency to cause skin irritation.
Duration :- 45 Min.

Soma Lepam

This sensuous full body treatment begins with fragrant oil followed by light massage which help you to toned your skin after that the body will covered in Tan Lepam paste and the treatment end with the steam ,warm shower and flower lotion. Revitalizes energy flows, improve circulation and skin tone.
Duration :- 60 Min.

Fully Loaded Body Wrap

Load your body with the all essential vitamin which is a necessity in human breed through ancient remedy. This treatment gives you healthy body, beauty and life style.
Duration :- 45 Min.


The stress today’s life style leaves its first sign your face making it dull and lifeless. With this tailor made facial . we will make sure that your beauty knows no age. A 60 minute rejuvenating session will ensure that your unrivalled beauty will be restored back to its best.
Duration :- 60 Min.

Vitamin Facial

Experience our active vitamin face treatment (rich in vitamin A, C and E ) detoxify purify your skin. Making your skin look younger and brighter was never so easy ! Ideal for neglected and sun damaged skin .
Duration :- 60 Min.


A traditional method of external cleansing of the body. Special techniques help the body to soak in the healing therapeutic oils. A stimulating massage helps in toning and detoxifying the internal body systems, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Abhyanga soothes tired eyes, induces sound sleep and also helps in reducing mental tension.
Duration :- 60 Min.

Synchronized Abhyanga

A herbal oil massage synchronized on your entire body by Two thera using traditional techniques from kerala . this treatment eases fatigue and reduces restlessness by enhancing energy flow throughout the body.
Duration :- 60 Min./90 Min.

Pristh Mardhnam

This massage is given by warm oil and gentle strokes , concentrating primary on the back . It give relieves stiffness of back , looses tight muscles , improve blood circulation and gives relief from back pain.
Duration :- 30 Min.

Kizhi (Choornaswedana)

This therapy comprises of medicated powders that are packed in cloth boluses and heated in kashaya (medicated liquid) to a comfortable temperature. They are gently massaged over the body and help remove toxins that are spread throughout the subcutaneous tissues. It is an excellent treatment for rheumatoid arthritis, obesity, gout and vascular disorders where there is obstruction in the micro channels. It is a thoroughly calming Treatment.
Duration :- 60 Min./90 Min.


Hedonist is an Ayurvedic form of healing and relaxation widely used in Asia by masseurs and hairdressers to combat daily stress. This form of massage is now one of the most popular therapies worldwide.
Duration :- 30 Min.

Groove horizontally: Bora Bora Beach Massage- (Ibiza,Spain)

Book your ‘toe’, tickets to paradise with a skin -smoothing seashell polish followed by a mineral oil massage. A vibrant massage that will give your feet a major overhaul and will make it pruned to perfection.
Duration :- 45 Min.

Padam Mardhanam

A virtual countdown to ‘butter’, this tension taming massage begins with foot yoga followed with pine needles cream . It aims at loosening you up and targets your most troubled muscles while improving circulation and leaving you in a state of tranquility.
Duration :- 30 Min.

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